Jexree LED Flashlight Sole Impoter
Jexree LED Flashlight Sole Impoter



Jexree SA is the SOLE importer and distributor of Jexree LED flashlights. Jexree SA has a 10 year sole distribution contract with the supplier in China for high end, aluminium, high intensity LED flashlights. Perfect for South Africa's market. Outdoors, security, retail, cycling, camping, diving, military etc. Jexree SA already has more than 11 000 followers in SA (the largest following for any flashlight brand in SA), Jexree SA holds more than R150 000,00 (retail) in stock and has spend more than R100 000, 00 to get the company to current status. Sale includes: 10 year (renewable) sole distribution contract, all stock (+- R150k) e commerce website worth R30 000,00, Facebook Page Full catalogue and price list from Jexree China - no middleman - direct purchase agreement with exceptionally low prices, imports licence company as going concern, positive bank account with ZERO debt, (no overdraft, no outstanding bills or debt of any sort) marketing material - professional photos, professional videos, flyers and much much more, packaging stickers all other relevant information and content pertaining to Jexree SA. import information for Hunting specific units (Foxtrot H1 - see "hunting" tab on website) Specatucalar growth in website visits, Facebook followers, sales and overall growth. (please see attachments) This is a perfect "take it over" company. Set up to keep going. This is a running concern and in daily operation. Current partners are exiting due to other business responsibilities. The business can operate from anywhere. (online business with space required for stock)

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