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The Innovatus FET College Franchise offering is the only value added educational franchise brand offering available in South Africa. In fact, the franchise offering is strategically priced at 50% of the total estimated cost that a new business owner would expect to spend on starting his / her own new FET college brand from scratch to viability and then profitability. Many of our informed enquiries share this sentiment based on their own market research done. We are endorsed by the Franchise Association of South Africa (FASA),is proud to announce the availability of over 80 franchise outlets throughout South Africa. Nineteen years into our democracy, and the scarce and critical skills continue to be a major problem in South Africa, making private education a lucrative business opportunity. Furthermore, government has now moved its focus to further education and training (FET) and Innovatus is therefore perfectly positioned within the sector to further capitalise on this lucrative business opportunity. The franchise is competitvely priced at R 960,000 including VAT which is for a standard 220 seater campus, fully installed, accredited, registered, and ready to enrol learners. The standard capacity and potential sales volume for a campus is between 600 to 800 students per year with a sales potential of R 13,2 million on full capacity. The campus can be expanded once the initial student intake targets are achieved. Our product offering has been tried and tested and is now operating at 7 campuses nationwide. Based on success here, we have ventured out into franchising. We are looking for high spirited, highly motivated and business and education minded individuals who would be able to make a succes of the Innovatus brand in their local town or city.Franchisees are fully supported from setup to operations to becoming financially viable and profitable. Individuals who fit this profile are encouraged to explore this lucrative business opportunity now. Umalusi is now offering full accreditation and accreditation is for a period of 7 years meaning a new franchisee will have 7 years of accreditation for his / her franchised campus to academic year 2022, and then renewable to 10 years. A successul franchisee can recover their full investment between 6-9 months of commencement. The purchase price can be paid as follows: - in cash on signature of franchise agreement - loan from a commercial bank - loan from our government approved funders - candidates are required to have R 300,000 of their own contribution and this loan is normally payable by the funders within 6 weeks of first application. Premises: 200 to 300 square metres is required There is a franchise opportunity in this business. Franchise terms: The business can be re-located within its allocated boundaries. It can also be run from home if it can achieve viability from that premises. Franchise terms are as follows: 10% royalty + 2 % marketing The business can be relocated

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