Coco Cubano
Coco Cubano



nspired by two water-loving cocktail-sipping cultures, Coco Cubano offers sunshine inspired Cuban flavours; an exotic fusion of Cuban & Australian flavours with a vibrant atmosphere perfect for any fiesta! From Havana streets to tropical treats there’s something to suit any craving with a perfect mix of share plates, fresh salads, generous mains & indulgent desserts. From early morning espresso to moonlight mojitos & everything in between, a taste of exotic Cuba can be experienced throughout our menu. Whether it’s a classic Cuban street sandwich, a rich cup of El Presidente coffee with our custom Havana Roast blend, decadent Couverture single origin chocolate, or the list of celebrated Cuban rum and cocktails. Creators of Coco Cubano, Tony and Avril Melhem, fell in love with Cuba’s electric and indulgent culture, and decided to bring to Australia a taste of that very same culture which spawned the Mojito, the Salsa, Buena Vista Social Club and Havana Club Rum. Coco Cubano invites our guests to experience the best of both worlds, an eclectic vintage setting with the vibrancy of Cuba in its heyday; a time of extravagance, indulgence and abundance, a place to indulge in all things fun, sun, food and drink. With a wealth of experience, we've poured our knowledge and passion into Coco Cubano, creating a winning formula and business model that is built on a strong foundation of an all-day offering. This unique model allows franchisees to open early and close late, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to maximise sales and return on investment. With an immediately identifiable brand and culture, Coco Cubano stands head and shoulders above other cafés, bars and franchised restaurants. We aim to touch the senses and be an experience rather than a pre-packaged coffee house environment. We strive to create a sense of individuality for our customers, and an experience they will continually return to enjoy. On the surface Australia and Cuba are two vastly different ‘islands’, but there are some striking similarities they share; an abundance of sunshine, a tropical climate, a strong connection to the sea and producers of sugar cane & rum. Coco Cubano is transforming the way Australians experience casual dining and are opening our eyes to the unique blend of quality, taste, service and delivery. Viva la Vida!

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